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Walking Trips
Walking Trips
Walking Trips
Walking Trips


Most of our walking tours are graded between easy and moderate and are designed to suit most people with normal health. Every tour and many walks can be adapted to your needs, made longer or shorter. Just let us know what profile your clients have. Here’s a suggested grading system we use:





2-4 hrs walking time, max. +300m, generally involving little uphill walking. These trips can be enjoyed by anyone who leads a reasonably active life and no special preparation is needed.



3-5 hrs walking time, max. +800m, some more hilly sections and uphill walking involved. These trips should nevertheless be no problem for anybody reasonably fit.



up to 8 hrs walking, max. +1.500m, will involve longer and steeper uphill sections. Stamina is very important here since you should be prepared for several consecutive days of more challenging walks.


Our walking tours: